Regenerative Cell Therapy in Tennessee

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What Is Regenerative Cell Therapy?

Cell therapy is a procedure that involves the injection of highly specialized cells into an area of the body that is experiencing pain due to degenerative disease, chronic pain, or an injury. These specialized cells change into different cells — tissue cells, bone cells, and other cells that are needed in the treated area. These cells will then repair the affiliated area at an accelerated rate while also providing drug-free pain relief.

Memphis Regenerative Healthcare offers two kinds of cell therapy in Tennessee:

Regenerative Therapy

Regenerative therapy uses cells sourced from umbilical cord tissues that were harvested from the planned C-section of a healthy baby. The cells found in umbilical cord tissues are not matured cells, so the immune system does not recognize these cells as foreign entities and accept them.

These regenerative cells divide and increase in number faster and more efficiently and are more potent than other cells. Regenerative therapy heals damaged tissues naturally while providing pain relief.

Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy

Stem cell recruitment therapy uses cells sourced from amniotic fluid that, like umbilical cord tissues, were harvested from the planned C-section of a healthy baby. Cell recruitment therapy also uses cells that are not fully matured, which helps these cells change and adapt easily while also avoiding rejection from the immune system. Amniotic fluid contains a very high concentration of growth factors, which instruct cells to regenerate and rebuild tissue. These growth factors accelerate the body’s natural healing process.

In Tennessee, this specific cell therapy is covered by Medicare and some health insurance companies, making it an affordable, accessible cell therapy option compared to other cell therapies that are not typically covered by health insurance companies.

What Conditions Can Regenerative Cell Therapy Treat?

Regenerative cell therapies in Tennessee can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions:

Which Regenerative Cell Therapy in Tennessee Is Most Effective for Me?

Both regenerative therapy and stem cell recruitment therapy are very effective for extremity joint conditions. However, no one patient is the exact same as any other patient. In order to gauge what cell therapy treatment is most effective for you, we recommend scheduling a consultation at Memphis Regenerative Healthcare by calling 901-446-1689 or filling out our online appointment form.

We look forward to helping relieve your pain with our cell therapy treatments.

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