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Memphis Regenerative Healthcare uses advanced technologies for joint pain relief for treating patients less invasively.

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Patients experiencing pain can find relief & restored mobility of the shoulder, knee, wrist, & extremities through regenerative science.

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Regenerative Medicine in Memphis, TN

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If you suffer from chronic joint pain, it is mostly likely taking a toll on your quality of life.
Chronic pain is shown to affect all aspects of one’s life and can lead to much more
than physical pain. It can lead to dependence on medications that come with concerning
side effects, sleep issues, depression, putting strains on your social life and relationships.

Scientific breakthroughs now make it possible to help patients dealing with joint pain
of the shoulder, knee, wrist, and extremities using regenerative medicine and PRP therapies.
This can eliminate the need for an invasive surgery and allow healing to occur
by activating your own cells for mobility & function to be restored.

Memphis Regenerative Healthcare invites you to ask how we can help with your specific issue.
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PRP Therapy & Regenerative Therapy

Pain Relief Treatments

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Regenerative Therapy is a testament to today’s advancements in modern medical science and technology. By injections from amniotic tissues into the body, they can get to work at healing the area that needs repair.

Regenerative Therapy

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Platelet rich plasma or PRP therapy is a type of regenerative medicine that offers an alternative for people who may be considering joint replacement or elective surgery due to arthritis or injury.

PRP Therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma)

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Shoulder pain? Knee pain? Wrist pain? Ankle pain? Aching joints?

Memphis Regenerative Healthcare is a pain management clinic in Cordova, TN
that uses the latest proven scientific breakthroughs in helping patients
experience relief by activating the body’s own healing properties. Patients
can regain their freedom to enjoy life again and get back to the things they love doing!

Our team is compassionate and experienced in using non-invasive solutions
to get to the root cause of joint pain to restore mobility and function.
We invite you to call and schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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